Bank of America Pays Couple for Mistake Foreclosure

by admin

With so many recent foreclosures, it’s no surprise that homeowners are going through hard times, but in South Florida, Bank of America made a unique mistake–mistakenly foreclosing the home of Warren and Maureen Nyerges in February of 2010, said the Sun Sentinel.

Surely the banks are busy, making it difficult for the couple to argue their case without making a scene, so the couple did just that. Armed with their attorney, law enforcement, and media in tow, the crew demanded the lending giant to pay up for their mistake.

Previous attempts to acquire the court-ordered sum of $2,500 and persistent phone calls regarding the matter had failed, but when the couple confronted people in the bank, face to face with their mistake, an apology came in the form of a check written on the spot.

Finally, the reimbursement for the couples troubles has been provided and the foreclosure suit revoked.

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