Real Issues

Our monthly Real Issues feature is a deep-dive into the biggest issues facing the real estate industry today. Learn more about topics that go beyond the daily news reporting and explore the most important issues of the day.

Bidding wars with Wall Street

Investors helped resuscitate the economy during the Great Recession, but their taste for real estate didn’t stop there.

Brokerages Recalibrate: A Q&A with T3 Sixty President & CEO Jack Miller

We checked in with Jack Miller, president and CEO of real estate consulting and analytics firm T3 Sixty, for his insight into how interest rates are affecting the market.

Navigating new-home construction sales

All bets are off in the world of new-construction home sales, where the relationship between builders and brokers often changes with the strength or weakness of the local market.

How rookie agents make the grade

To earn a real estate license, future agents must attend a state-approved course. If they pass the class test, they must pass a state test. After that, they are a licensee — but becoming a successful agent is not so simple.

Decoupling broker commissions could be coming

Agent commissions of the future could look much different than they do today, as a Department of Justice investigation into the issue of decoupling buyer and broker commissions continues, class-action lawsuits are advancing and associations and MLSs are adjusting their policies.

How does a community increase home values?

A neighborhood has many public assets that combine to determine its desirability to buyers. How do those assets affect home prices — and which ones have the biggest impact?

How to win the succession game

Real estate agents are developing more sophisticated ways to pass their business on to the next generation and creating ongoing revenue streams for themselves along the way.

What to do about the affordability crisis?

Inventory shortages, supply chain disruptions and bidding wars that have pushed prices up to record levels are among the numerous factors that have exacerbated the affordable housing crisis that was already in full swing prior to the pandemic.

Warming planet in a hot market

For the millions of Americans who move each year, climate risk should be a top consideration.

It’s time we talk about crime

If ever there were a third rail of residential real estate, it would have to be the topic of crime. But how is it impacting the bottom line now?

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