Jordan Millman


What was your first job in the realty industry?
I started at Majestic Properties and reached top-producer status within my first year.

Who inspires you?
My grandfather is a big inspiration. He will be 90 years old this November. He was a Holocaust survivor and became a very influential business leader in Central and South America.

What is your favorite free-time activity?
In my free time I definitely like to travel. Barcelona, Spain; Rome, Italy; and Tel Aviv, Israel are my three favorite international destinations.

How did you learn the business?
I have a Bachelor of Science in business and have always been an entrepreneur. Before real estate I worked in marketing for Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and was director of marketing for a Japanese import/export distributor.

What was your most difficult sale, and how did you succeed?
My most difficult sale was in a building that did not meet the insurance requirements for the bank. I talked to the board and convinced them to pass a special assessment for my client so the building would be approved by the major lender.

What is the most difficult aspect of your job?
The most difficult part of the job is to be available 24/7. In real estate, time is of the essence and it takes a lot of planning to be able to satisfy all of your customers needs at the same time.

What was your worst job, and what did you learn from it?
I have always had a great employment experience. In college I once took a job in technical support for Gateway. It was not a always easy listen to customer complaints but it definitely contributed to my current problem-solving abilities.

Where do you go to network and meet new clients?
Everywhere. Most of my clients are business and personal referrals. I meet some clients during social activities here in South Beach.

What has been your greatest accomplishment?
My greatest accomplishment has been developing an international trade center in Colon, Panama. It is the center of the import/export [industry] in the Americas and I developed many contacts there.

What was the last good movie you saw or book you read?
I rented “Into the Wild” and it was a very inspiring movie that shows you there is more to life than materialism. Everyone has to focus on what truly makes them happy and they can’t sweat the small stuff.

What is your favorite restaurant?
I am a carnivore so Prime One Twelve is one of my favorites.

Architecturally speaking, what is your favorite building in Miami?
The lobby of the Icon South Beach

What kind of car do you drive?
Mercedes CLS500, It is sporty, yet practical. It has a 5.0 V8 engine and they call it the four door coupe.

BlackBerry, Palm or paper?

What is your favorite city after Miami?
Las Vegas is my second favorite city in the United States. That city has the budget for excellent nightlife, entertainment and hotels.

What is your personal motto?
Always listen before speaking and always look out for your customers’ best interests.

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