S2A Modular launches search for new mega factory in Florida

by Kerrie Kennedy

S2A Modular, creator of the first electrically self-sustaining and smart-connected luxury residences and commercial buildings, has launched a concentrated search in Florida for a location to build its third MegaFactory.

From solar panel-charged designer homes to full communities, world-class hotels to lower income housing, the S2A Modular hopes to usher in a new era of building and living that eliminates energy bills and speeds up construction, among other things.

The S2A MegaFactory and its workforce are at the center of the company’s proprietary construction method that uses high-quality materials and skilled craftsmen who work in task-organized pods to build specific aspects of each structure.

According to S2A CEO and co-founder Brian Kuzdas, the method produces homes and other structures in a fraction of the time and for far less money than it takes to build a traditional site-built home or commercial building.

“S2A Modular is growing at an incredible rate and as a company, we’ve already received an incredible amount of interest from homebuyers, developers and investors throughout Florida, so we are aggressively looking for the perfect location to build our third MegaFactory,” Kuzdas said in a press release. “With two S2A MegaFactories already under construction in California, we’re immensely excited to work with economic development agencies to find a location which will create hundreds of jobs and help stimulate local, regional and state economies.”

According to Kuzdas, S2A is seeking to engage cities and municipalities in Florida that offer designated business development programs designed to incentivize and streamline the building process, including streamlined permitting, tax incentives and other benefits to speed up development.

“Electrically self-sufficient and smart #GreenLux residences and commercial buildings have created a global wave of excitement and we look forward to bringing our manufacturing facilities to a location in Florida that would benefit from both a MegaFactory, as well as the new homes and commercial buildings constructed there,” Kuzdas said.

 Government and other appropriate entities interested in submitting proposals or more information may contact S2A Modular Acquisition Scout Jon Kuzdas at [email protected].

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  • Dan Cecil says:

    I think you have a great company.. There are many areas of Ft Lauderdale that could use your services.

  • Mary Vilakazi says:

    Got any factory in Gainesville,Fla area yet? I never understood why The Sunshine State….wasn’t into Solar! Anywho….Glad this is finally being done

  • Devin says:

    Love to have this in the Ocala area!

  • Daryl Potter says:

    I just listened on my cell phone to your webinar. I think this is a really awesome idea witch I will purchase one to live in and also I will be an investor in you company.

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