Keys Gate Files Lawsuit

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Keys Gate, a Southern Florida community consisting of approximately 3,000 homes, condos and townhomes, has recently recovered roughly $8,300 from delinquent owners, according to Sun Sentinel.

The Association Law Group picked up the case free of charge due to the owner’s apparent financial hardship. “What our firm has done is take a legal strategy that banks have used for years, namely pursuing deficiency judgments against prior owners for unpaid amounts, and apply the same for application to HOAs and condominiums,” said Ben Solomon to The Sun Sentinel, on behalf of Association Law Group.

An additional $1,769 in reimbursement for overdue payments came from the bank.

Money is going toward 24-hour security, cable TV, landscaping and general maintenance; typically these services are covered by a $300 monthly maintenance fee.

“We are not trying to hurt anybody, but we do need to collect the money so we can keep providing services for our community,” said Kim Green, president of the Keys Gate association to the Sun Sentinel.

One of the two sued homeowners, Mary Rengifo, has found an onslaught of financial woes in the past few years, admitting that she is even upside down on her current home’s payments. The Renfigos owed $4,390, which is approximately nine months behind on payments, by the time the board filed for foreclosure.

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