Florida Housing Laws Pending Reform

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According to The Miami Herald, a number of Florida housing bills are up for modification in this year’s legislative session.

As Florida lawmakers meet in Tallahassee to deal with wide-reaching issues like workers rights and education reform, the housing crisis on its own poses a number of issues. Among these are laws regarding foreclosures,  property taxes, and homeowner associations.

“Housing as a public policy issue is a real face-the-music issue for many homeowners and has been an issue for many years now, and folks tend to forget about it,” President of Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida Arden Shank tells The Miami Herald.

Condo and homeowner associations face a number of changes, brought by “Senate Bill 712: Condominiums” and “Senate Bill 1516: Community Associations.” Bill 712 calls for added regulations in dealing with delinquent payments and Bill 1516 would grant more power to associations in taking delinquent tenants’ units to foreclosure.

Bill 1288 deals with commercial real estate foreclosures, allowing proceedings to take place outside of the courtroom. The Miami Herald says there are nearly 100,000 properties in some stage of foreclosure in South Florida alone.

The last bill to be introduced is “Senate Bill 0390: Homestead Property Assessed Value.” This bill seeks to eliminate the Recapture Law from the Florida Constitution’s “Save Our Homes Law.” If passed, this amendment would protect homes’ property value assessments from increasing while the market value is decreasing.

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