“Is “green” building a permanent characteristic of new construction, or only a passing trend?”

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Bryan Sereny
PA and Realtor
Zilbert Realty Group

Green building, sometimes known as sustainable building, is at the forefront of new architectural design. Creating an environmentally responsible, healthy, and prosperous atmosphere that improves quality of life is a concept that everyone can appreciate. The recent proliferation of green commercial and residential architecture is a testament to its potential. As one of the most significant changes in building design, it is certain that green building will increase in popularity over the next decade and into the future.

Kim Rodstein
Vice President
H.R. Mortgage & Realty Company

Building green is incredibly hot and will continue to be. We have finally recognized the importance of constructing healthy buildings, which is to significantly reduce environmental and health problems. There are many benefits such as enhancing indoor air quality; minimizing energy and water use, which lowers operational costs; and using non-toxic products to promote a healthier environment. Sustainable buildings will become the standard in construction in the near future. It’s not a trend, it’s here to stay.

Sherwin Mena
International Sales Group LLC
Director of Sales – North America Division

Developers are finally realizing the value of green construction. Nationally, the total value of new developments going green rose 50 percent to $15 billion in 2006. In 2007, 6 percent of all new construction will be green, up from 1 percent five years ago. In South Florida, eco-friendly projects have increased from 8 to 27 in the past year. Why the sudden interest in going green? Two reasons: First, the cost of environmentally friendly construction has fallen 80 percent. Second, and most important, a Green development adds additional marketing value in a marketplace where supply is abundant and consumers have many choices. Going green sets the project apart and gives it a competitive edge.

Sim Wilson
First VP of CB Richard Ellis
Representing Brickell Financial Centre

Green building is not a passing trend created by an environmentally conscious few. The world’s leading companies are actively pursuing Green buildings and workspaces, while many municipalities and states have adopted LEED as a standard in all new developments. Although the number of LEED certified buildings in Florida lags behind many other states, they will increasingly impact where and how we work. Green buildings will increasingly shape Florida’s real estate environment and the environment in which we live.

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