What is the difference between a high producer and a low producer?

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Judy Jordan
Prudential Florida WCI Realty
A low producer is a person who does not put forth the dedication necessary to build a client base or their career, either because they work part time or because they are in real estate for the wrong reasons. A top producer knows that real estate is a full-time, 24/7 career. High producers focus all their time and effort into understanding and meeting their clients’ needs in order to provide total client satisfaction. One of the main characteristics of a top producer is the ability to counsel and guide their clients through the entire purchase, sale or rental process and establish a foundation for a continuing relationship. That relationship is important because it is the key to the referral basis for the future and for continued business, which will lead to a lifetime of work.


Tim Charron
The Jack Coden Group
Keller Williams Realty
The difference between a high producer and a low producer is confidence. If you are confident when you receive a call or return a call, then the person on the other end of the line knows you are going to get the job done. Confidence means that you will spend the time and money on marketing because you know it will pay off. Confidence, or lack thereof, permeates everything you do with your business. But it comes with experience, so if you are new or restarting, don’t worry, start small and in time and you will be a top producer.


Christina Nobbe
Sales Associate
Bridgemon International Realty
The high producer is well respected by his or her peers and consistently setting new standards of excellence.I believe the biggest difference is that a high seller knows how to effectively market himself and his properties. As a result he or she gets the majority of listings in his or her area. They also close the most deals and make the big bucks! The low producer is still finding his or her way, and should probably be apprenticing under the high producer.


Maxine Siegler
Realtor Manager, Coconut Grove Branch
Elite International Realty
I think it is not difficult for a low producer to become a high producer. It is just a matter of dedication to service. I believe that for most people, whether purchasing or selling a home or investment property, they should expect a professional who is there to assist them with the process at all times, not just when it is convenient. If that means evenings, weekends or even holidays, then a high producer is there. Being creative and always looking for ways to make the transaction as smooth as possible are things a high producer works hard on. Sometimes that means airport runs, arranging, decorating or more!

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