Miguel Salvat


Miguel A. Salvat

Real Estate Consultant
Keller Williams Realty

When Miguel Salvat earned his license in 2007, starting a career as a new Realtor was like learning to swim by being thrown in the deep end of the pool.  The economic recession was taking its toll on the industry and no one felt the pressure more than agents like Salvat who remained committed to helping people fulfill their real estate dreams.  Fast-forward just eight years later and this professional’s record of accomplishment attests that hard work really does pay off.  He closed over $15 million in transactions in 2014 alone, an achievement he credits to relentless perseverance and a strong work ethic that his father instilled in him from an early age.

A Cuban immigrant, Salvat’s father embodies the American dream as the largest publisher and distributor of books on Cuban and Latin American culture.  Despite his accomplishments, the elder Salvat never shied away from even the simplest task like unloading truckloads of books for his warehouse.  His son was with him each step of the way, whether it was stocking that inventory or licking stamps for mailings.  It was this can-do attitude that enabled this Realtor to overcome the country’s challenges at the beginning of his career.  It was also this tenacity that won him the 2007 Keller Williams Rookie of the Year Award for the highest gross closed income over 12 months.

Like his father, no job is too small for Salvat when it comes to helping clients like sellers hoping to attract buyers.  “I don’t mind arriving at a showing early and picking up clothes off the floor, turning on lights or wiping down the counters,” he says. “My sellers offer me 6 percent to do this for them and the way I see it, I own 6 percent of the home until it sells, so I should help as much as I can to make it happen.”  And while this Florida International University graduate understands that technology can no doubt enhance his marketing efforts, he believes that personal interaction is nonetheless essential.  As he puts it, “The ability to point out the pros and cons of a listing and to recommend how to overcome potential challenges are the kinds of things that can’t really be addressed well in a text message.  The fact that I’m always just a phone call away makes a world of difference for my clients.”

In fact, Salvat makes himself equally accessible to other Realtors, including newcomers like his nephew he encourages by sharing lessons learned.  His own experience has netted him both his company’s Capper Award for five consecutive years as a top producer and the Keller Williams International Quadruple Gold Medal for top sales.  The Coral Gables native attributes these accolades to the inspiration his wife and daughter provide as well as to partnerships with motivated colleagues.  I believe that you need to align yourself with other successful individuals who share your passion and drive if you want to truly sharpen your skills in all aspects of this industry,” Salvat advises.  “This will help ensure that you’re always ahead of the curve.  After all, the sky is the limit in this business!”


  • Gaston Macau says:

    This article is great, I would like to add that Miguel has always been an awesome friend and co-worker for all of us at the office and our personal lives. You are a true professional and I’m proud to call you my friend.

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