Toxic Drywall Suit Delayed by Plaintiffs

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A proposed $55 million settlement was denied by the attorneys who represent a group of families whose homes were constructed with toxic drywall. The plaintiffs indicated that they will not agree to a settlement until all of their questions are answered, according to CNN.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys Victor Diaz and David Durkee claimed necessary information is being withheld from their clients in a conference call. They stated Banner-Supply, a Miami-based company, is refusing to make available the knowledge that would allow their clients to make informed decisions about whether or not to accept the proposed $55 million settlement.

“They refuse to tell us what assets Banner has … As far as we know the company itself is contributing nothing to this settlement and they won’t tell us how many people are going to split up this money,” Diaz told CNN. “If this really were a good settlement, there would be complete transparency of all of the facts so that consumers can make an informed decision.”

The proposed settlement will be available until late August, at which point the homeowners involved in the suit can choose to opt out.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has received more than 3,000 reports from residents of 42 states who alleged the drywall contributed to severe health issues, including chronic sinus and upper respiratory problems, CNN reports. Homeowners also reported corroded metals in home appliances and fixtures in their homes due to the drywall.

Though he hasn’t decided if he will accept the terms of the proposed settlement, Dabalsa said no amount of money will make amends for what his family has suffered, CNN reports.

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