Michial Rachaner & Zulamy Rachaner

Guaranteed Rate

Michial Rachaner, Producing Partnership, Branch Manager

Zulamy Rachaner, Assistant VP of Lending & Spanish-Speaking Loan Officer

His training in the hospitality industry has served Michial Rachaner well in lending. “At its core, the mortgage industry is a service industry,” says Rachaner, producing partnership branch manager at Guaranteed Rate. “What it seemed to be missing was a true hospitality spirit.”

Michial brought it when he switched to a career in lending after 17 years in restaurant management. “It’s hard work, but the work demands are significantly less than running a restaurant,” he shares, “and you are in control of so much more of your life.”

Ironically, Michial, a team leader, chose lending because a loan officer friend of his was successful at it and thought he would be, too. Fortunately, that person was right. After a lengthy career in hospitality, Michial’s wife, Zulamy, joined his team. “Our immense and ever-growing knowledge of lending, combined with our unique hospitality approach to service, truly sets us apart from the competition,” she says.

Michial has closed nearly 1,000 loans during his seven years in lending. He has also established a dedicated following, as his business is 100% referral-based. Specializing in a variety of loans — jumbo, conventional, FHA, VA and USDA — and renovation financing, he puts an emphasis on self-employed borrowers, Veterans, first-time homebuyers and investors in Florida.

Committed to their clients, Michial and Zulamy, who is fluent in Spanish, provide borrowers with the best information, ensuring they get a loan to suit their needs, goals and wants.

Regardless of how busy they might be, they always make each client feel like they are the only one. “We are always a phone call, text or email away,” Michial says. “Our clients appreciate our constant availability, our step-by-step guidance and our effective communication.”

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