Kathrin Rein

Kathrin Rein, P.A.
Broker Sales Associate and Real Estate Consultant, Keller Williams
Director, Beautiful Miami

Creating wealth for her clients one property at a time, Kathrin Rein builds long-lasting relationships with every buyer, seller, developer and investor who comes her way. “My clients know and feel that I truly care about them,” says Rein, director of Beautiful Miami and a broker sales associate and real estate consultant with Keller Williams.

As the No. 1 Keller Williams agent in the state of Florida and the No. 1 agent in her office for the past five years, Rein serves clients from around the world. She is a highly sought-after agent and motivational speaker and frequently appears on panels to share her expertise with industry professionals. Rein is well known for her creative videos and has her own TV show in which she features her listings. “What makes me shine is that I am extremely efficient,” she says. “I know how to get a home sold for the highest price in the shortest amount of time, and I won’t give up until I succeed. My clients also like that I communicate with them all the time about what I do to market their home.”

In 2019, she sold $49.6 million in real estate and also purchased a commercial space in Coconut Grove, where she opened her own storefront office. “I was at a point where I had two choices: to either stay where I am at or take a leap of faith and change my surroundings,” she explains. “My new office even has a video studio.”

Outside of work, Rein holds workshops to teach young adults how to have a clear vision and volunteers for career day at her kids’ school. She is also extremely involved in her community, organizing neighborhood events and leading several Facebook groups. “I am a matchmaker,” she says. “I either introduce people to houses or connect them with other people. It is all about relationships.”

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