5 things new homebuyers should know before signing on the dotted line

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Life is full of important decisions, and few are bigger than buying a home. This is likely the most significant purchase you will ever make. The process can be both stressful and exciting, and there are many critical steps along the way. The last thing you want to do is make a poor choice and get into a difficult situation. Fortunately, if you follow some tried-and-true guidelines, such as looking at good homeowner’s insurance providers, you should be able to feel comfortable getting into the right place. 


What You Can Afford Isn’t Necessarily the Same as What You Are Approved For


When you start the home-buying process, you will want to get your finances in order. This will help determine the price range you should shop for. A lender will evaluate your income, debt obligations, and credit score. With these factors in mind, the lender will approve a mortgage loan up to a specific amount. But this doesn’t mean you can comfortably afford that price. Instead, look at your budget and consider all of your expenses, including upcoming ones that may not be on paper yet. These may include paying for school or taking care of a child on the way. You should also consider unexpected issues, such as car repairs, home improvement needs, and medical expenses. 


Choosing a Good Real Estate Agent Matters


Some buyers shy away from hiring a real estate agent to help them buy a home. However, keep in mind that sellers are paying this person’s commission, not you as the buyer. An experienced, trusted agent will work hard to make sure you are getting the home of your dreams—at the right price and complete with all the features you are looking for. This professional will understand the intricacies of the process, knows the area in which you’re looking, and is skilled in negotiating. 


Don’t Forget the Inspection


Seeing a home online or in a quick walk-through may get you excited about a particular property. You may fall in love with it and think that it’s virtually flawless. Doing an inspection enables you to dig a little deeper and find out more about the prospective house. This is not a step you should skip just to save some money. A licensed home inspector will go through the home thoroughly to identify any safety concerns and areas that require repairs or upgrades. An inspection will give you the peace of mind you need to fit your new home for comfortable living. 


Think About a Home Insurance Policy


If you are purchasing a brand-new home, the company or builder who built the home may start you off with a warranty, but some may not. If this detail isn’t presented to you by the individual or a paper contract, it’s time to start thinking about purchasing a warranty or looking deeper into your homeowner’s insurance policy. Nowadays, most providers for home insurance have pretty rigorous and competitive offerings as far as what is and isn’t covered in your policy. Take a thorough look at your coverage and if anything seems missing, talk to your local agent to see what is required to be covered and add it to your plan. For example, some providers cover appliances and some make it an additional option to tack on. Save yourself money down the road and take a look into the contents of your insurance policy before accepting the offer. 


Consider the Future


Making an investment of this size requires some long-term thinking. Some homebuyers purchase a home that fits their needs for the here and now. Remember, your situation can change quickly, though. Adding children to your family, having children move away, making career changes can affect the size and type of house you will want and need. Instead of focusing on the here and now, consider what the next five to 10 years may look like. 


No one wants to get into a home that they will later regret buying. These five tips will help you feel at ease and enjoy the right place for you and your loved ones.

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