The Short List: Brett and David Haller’s Top 5 Things Buyers Look for in New Construction

by Miami Agent

Brett Haller

Brett Haller is the vice president of International Sales at Dezer Platinum Realty

Every week, we ask a real estate professional for their Short List, a collection of tips and recommendations on an essential topic in real estate. This week, we talked with Brett and David Haller, vice presidents of International Sales at Dezer Platinum Realty about the top five things buyers look for in new construction.

1. Location – Location is the one thing in real estate that can never be manipulated. Once a location is set, it is set in stone, literally. Many buyers look for new developments in particular neighborhoods, because they want to live a particular lifestyle. Right now, in South Florida buyers seem to be purchasing properties in neighborhoods like Brickell, Midtown, Sunny Isles and South Beach. Whether buyers are looking for an urban lifestyle, close in proximity to fine dining and retail therapy or direct ocean views with a sense of exclusivity, location is undeniably key.

2. Price – No matter what, everyone has a budget. Budget, however, is a loose term. Someone’s budget might be 500k or 20M, this number, does come into play, big time!

Selling real estate in a place like South Florida, with so many options currently for sale, we are seeing properties start under 300k and soaring as high as sky’s the limit.

David Haller

David Haller is the vice president of International Sales at Dezer Platinum Realty

3. Amenities – The days of a community pool, sauna and shuffleboard court are O-V-E-R! Today’s buyers are sophisticated, chic and beyond discerning. Prospective buyers are desiring amenities that we never even thought were possible. Developers are implementing amenities like full-service spas with treatment rooms, infrared saunas, ice rooms and state-of-the-art fitness centers. As well, we are seeing ice skating rinks, bowling alleys, and even a car elevator! Amenities do however, cost a pretty penny.

4. Architect, Designer & Developer – The team behind a development may be the most important factor. A home is perhaps the largest purchase a person will ever make. Whether someone is buying a property as a primary residence, or just as another item on their portfolio, quality and uniqueness are extremely important. An educated realtor will only show their buyers pre-construction developments that are being built by a knowledgeable team. Many new developments are being designed by world-renowned architects and interior designers. Buying into a development that is being built by a seasoned developer means that all of the “kinks” will be worked out and that attention to detail will be paid.

5. In-House Sales Associates – Most pre-construction developments are being sold out of lavish sales centers or sales “galleries”. As well, most developers will either hire an experienced real estate brokerage, or curate their own in-house sales team to conduct the sales and marketing. It is extremely crucial to appoint a team of people who are polished, well-versed, motivated, communicative and most importantly, passionate about what they’re selling. Buyers can easily read between the lines and if they sense that the sales team is lacking passion, it can easily hinder a sale.

Brett and David Haller are the vice presidents of International Sales at Dezer Platinum Realty as a part of the Haller Group. With 14 years of combined real estate experience between them, the two have headed the sales of many developments, and are currently selling the Porsche Design Tower & Residences by Armani Casa.

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