Adriana Vargas Hernandez, Vice President of Broker Relations, Fortune International Realty, Miami

by James McClister

Adriana-Vargas-Hernandez-FullNumber of years in real estate: 22

Describe your look: Conservative, but modern and sophisticated

What do you consider a “fashion don’t?” Wearing flip flops

What is your favorite piece of clothing and why? The one I have not found yet. I’m always looking for something to wow me…I am not a big shopper. So a piece has to be pretty special for me to make the purchase.

What do you consider a must-have accessory? Fabulous shoes at all times

What is a fashion crime you have committed in the past? A fabulous dress paired with the wrong purse

Where are your favorite places to shop? London, N.Y. and Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables

What, besides your wardrobe, completes your look? Your attitude. It does not matter what you wear. It’s how you wear it that matters.

What is in your bag/briefcase? Anything that would allow me to work late, or stay the night in case of an emergency – laptop, toothbrush, charger, makeup etc.

My closet is full of…Louis Vutton and Carolina Herrera

What is your style advice for other people in the industry? It’s very important to understand that real estate is about people and not concrete. So it’s important to be relatable to as many people as possible. If you are assisting a couple, please be respectful to the lady and wear conservative clothing. If you are assisting a gentleman, the same rule applies to avoid any misunderstandings. There is always a place and time for everything. You can’t go wrong with “conservative”.

Shoes are Louis Vutton, dress is from Village of Merrick Park

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