Peter Ancona, President and CEO, Ancona Real Estate, Coral Gables

by James McClister

peter-ancona-fullNumber of years in real estate: Eight years

Describe your look: I would describe my look as “trendy business classic.” It’s that balance between serious young businessman, classic style and leader.

What do you consider a “fashion don’t”? A fashion don’t is sneakers with a suit or sports jacket. It just doesn’t look right no matter how expensive the sneakers are.

What is your favorite piece of clothing and why? My favorite piece of clothing is a fine sport jacket. I collect them like others would collect baseball cards and my closet is full of them.

What do you consider a must-have accessory? A must-have accessory is a handkerchief for my sports coat or jacket. I have more than 50 different ones to choose from each day. The modern cloth handkerchief was invented by King Richard II of England in the 1300s, and I still think its just as useful and trendy in 2016!

Where are your favorite places to shop? I am pretty diverse with my favorite places to shop for clothing in Miami. You can spot me at Bal Harbour shops, like Saks 5th avenue, Nordstrom buying a Louis Vuitton belt or Ferragamo shoes. You can also find me in South Beach shopping at Macy’s, Diesel or Zara.

What, besides your wardrobe, completes your look? Most people say my look is completed by my hairstyle, which is the same hairstyle I have had since a little kid.

What is in your bag/briefcase? My briefcase usually holds my appointment binder, iPad and client folders for that specific day.

My closet is full of…My custom closet is full of dress shirts! A nice feature of my closet is that it has a large window with a waterfront view. Not many people can say they look at the water while searching for a tie.

What is your style advice for other people in the industry? My style advice for other people is to be themselves but still look professional and classic. An agent’s appearance is a representative of not only the property we sell but our clients in general.

Zara jacket, Neiman Marcus handkerchief, Louis Vuitton belt, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, Gucci socks, and a Versace tie

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