April Brings Slight Rise in Housing Listings

by admin

From March to April, nationwide housing listings typically increase by 5 percent (an average compiled from the last 28 years), according to Zelman & Associates; this year the monthly spike was measured at 1.1 percent in more than 140 metropolitan areas, according to Wall Street Journal.

The article reported large increases from March in Boston, New Haven, Conn., and Washington D.C., and drastic decreases in listings for Miami, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

In comparison with last year, nationally there was a 8.25 percent decrease, and Florida showed a large loss in listings since last year, with Orlando down 34 percent and Miami down 30 percent.

In mid-April, a drop in sales for residential construction was also demonstrated, but there was a slight rise in the buyer traffic index since March.

While many homes still remain in the grasp of foreclosure, the slight rise in listings gives buyers and sellers alike a degree of hope in what is typically a busy season for the housing market.

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