Green Designation Program to be Updated in Late Summer 2011

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The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has found that the desire for environmentally sustainable buildings is an ongoing trend, constantly gaining momentum, especially since the initiation of the Green Designation program in late 2008.

Now, due to research which demonstrates a growing market for green buildings, NAR aims to cater to Realtors by modifying its Green Designation program which will start in late summer of 2011, with a focus on residential real estate practice, according to Marketwire.

Previously, the curriculum offered commercial and property management electives for credit; now, with more of a focus on residential topics, the commercial and property management electives will be available, but not credited toward the updated designation.

Green Designation students will complete a three day course schedule which will now entail: Real Estate for a Sustainable Future (Green 100), The Science of Green Building (Green 200), and Greening Your Real Estate Business (Green 300).

Up until the new program’s debut, the prices for current online core and elective core courses will be reduced. A full designation will cost $329, down from $420; a core course will cost $230 in comparison with $295 and a residential elective will now be $99 instead of a previous rate of $125.

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