Why I Go to Extremes

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A look at how nontraditional, extreme marketing pays off

By Anolan Dragitsch

We all create our own worlds, our own existences, and our own universes. It’s all based on our individual perceptions and past experiences, and creating your own world involves knowing what you want and how to get it. My world revolves around the real estate niche of ultra-luxury properties and the high net-worth individuals who buy them. Everything I do relates my world to theirs and makes them become one. Welcome to my world.

Basic sales and marketing dictate that you must know your product, identify your consumer and target that demographic. Everything you do must uphold these principals and ideas. Clients should be offered a lifestyle, not just a house.

How not to blend in
In the market of ultra-luxury properties, it’s not enough to just offer an open house and hope the property sells. SOL Sotheby’s International Realty creates custom events to guide our clients through the real estate jungle and, literally, give them a taste of what it means to live a luxury lifestyle. SOL Sotheby’s Art Wednesdays is the perfect example of how we leverage our relationship with Sotheby’s Auction House and offer our clients and potential buyers an art showing at a chosen property, where the house and grounds are showcased in a unique style. The guests have the opportunity to meet up-and-coming artists, view their works, see the property and be exposed to our team.

We bring in the pros from locally based Signature Events, PR & Marketing to create unique events, formal affairs, charity galas, art showings or simple cocktail receptions, and they handle the logistics from inception to completion. They, like me, have the philosophy of “whatever it takes” to make it happen and truly create an experience for our clients, not just an event. Everything, from the initial creative concept to the very last logistical element of the entertainment, transportation, sponsorships, catering, design, décor, invitations and furnishings, are expertly produced and flawlessly executed.

Another example is a golf tournament that we hosted for the Russian-American Forum at Indian Creek Village. Forty of the highest net-worth Russians flew in from Moscow and enjoyed playing the course at Indian Creek. They were treated to a cruise on a luxury yacht, helicopter rides to view waterfront properties, a cocktail luncheon and awards ceremony at 40 Indian Creek (produced by Signature Events, PR & Marketing), receptions, dinners, dancing and the glamorous Miami luxury lifestyle.

As you can see, I take marketing to the extreme, even to the point of creating “Luxe World” for E! Entertainment Television, which is a program that focuses on ultra-luxury lifestyle and all things associated. “Luxe World with Anolan” showcases the best of the best of ultra-exclusive properties, destinations, the largest and most luxurious yachts, luxury events, nightlife, restaurants and everything in between. Through this magazine-style format, I feature VIP celebrity interviews as well, offering the viewer and potential buyers a peek at how the other half live and how they, too, can live in one of SOL Sotheby’s properties.

In conclusion, real estate is all about perceptions, image and marketing, so we all must be creative and forward thinking in anticipating any possible needs or desires of our clients. This is why SOL Sotheby’s has limousines, helicopters and yachts at our disposal.

The most important element, however, is that we are experts and use our expertise to create value for our high net-worth clients. We act as ambassadors, marrying our extremely savvy clients with the perfect property for them.

You, just like me, must know what you want, target your demographic and saturate your message through every element of your marketing.

Welcome to my world.

Anolan Dragitsch works with SOL Sotheby’s International Realty, 786.253.1004 or adragitsch@solsothebysrealty.com.

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