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By Dirk Zeller

There are strategic ways to being great at prospecting, and I have separated the tactics into seven steps.

1 Find
We have to find a quiet place with minimum distractions to do the prospecting. We need to have an environment that is controlled for the prospecting to happen. We also must find a time to prospect. Those who have no set time for prospecting do not do it. Going to the same place at the same time helps to form the habit. Prospecting is about discipline and habit.

2 Forget
We need to forget all the previous failures we’ve experienced. Start fresh today. Make the effort now to pick up the phone and call a past client or someone in your sphere.

3 Fight
We must fight hindrances and distractions with a passion. The people who are effective at prospecting have just as many distractions as you do but are more effective at fighting them off.

4 Focus
If you examine successful people, they have the ability to achieve intense focus. By finding a spot and finding the time, you give your mind the opportunity to focus on your prospecting much easier. A technique that can intensify focus before prospecting was to rehearse my scripts and dialogues. The practice session put me in a more focused mind-set.

5 Follow
Follow a plan of action to create a plan for your day that places prospecting in its proper place. This means doing the prospecting when you have the most energy and intensity.

6 Faithful
We must be faithful to prospecting daily. When you are faithful to prospecting, the results are astounding. The law of accumulation kicks in on your behalf.

7 Finish
Finish what you start. If you make a goal of five contacts a day, don’t do four. Don’t accept anything less than the goal you have set.

We all can learn to prospect more effectively. Make sure you find the place and the time. Don’t dwell on past failures; forget them. Be determined to fight for your time and fight for your focus. Create and follow a great plan of action. Be faithful to yourself and to your clients and family, and finish what you start. You will find success knocking at your door in a short time.

Dirk Zeller is an agent, investor, and president and CEO of Real Estate Champions. For more information, visit Realestatechampions.com.

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