Juan Ayala, Principal

Regal Group International

It was 1997 when Juan Ayala, principal at Regal Group International, began his real estate career on the financing side of the industry. Previously a financial advisor with deep knowledge of the industry, Ayala started his career focusing on his beloved local Miami area, where he’s lived for 39 years. Today, after building his own empire of a business, he covers properties of all kinds, from luxury to commercial. His reach? The entire Atlantic seaboard, Texas, Colorado, California and even Hawaii.

“My clients often say my experience trumps most other professionals in my industry,” Ayala shares. “When I say ‘Yes,’ it’s truly a ‘Yes!’’’ A member of the American Association of Private Lenders, Ayala has built his reputation and his company on his own personal core values. “I think my honesty and integrity have been the most important skills I have incorporated into my business,” he says, “and those will allow people to trust you professionally and will keep your reputation intact throughout your career.”

For Ayala, his proven process in supporting clients means taking time to create a thorough understanding of who they are and their needs, and putting in the effort to build a rapport with them that feels more like that of friends and family than a mere business transaction. “Most of my clients come from referrals and many of the connections I have made in this business in the years I’ve been licensed,” he explains. “If you have integrity and have affected people in a positive way, you will always have business referrals.”

After a wild year in 2020, Ayala and his small team of professionals continue to build on years of proven, successful experience, while continuing the legacy that this family man and doting father and husband has spent so much time and energy building.

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