JoAnn Roberts & Rebeca Castellon

Coldwell Banker Realty

JoAnn Roberts, Realtor

Rebeca Castellon, Realtor

Together, JoAnn Roberts and Rebeca Castellon of Coldwell Banker Realty bring incomparable value to the client experience. The sellers who work with them not only get seasoned Realtors, but also benefit from Roberts’ talent for staging homes and Castellon’s expertise in branding. “Through our extraordinary marketing, networking, staging, photography and negotiating skills, we achieve higher sale prices and continually set new standards,” they say. “When we work with our clients, we provide a complete solution from beginning to end.”

The acclaimed team offers sellers in Pinecrest unparalleled services. They walk each client through the process and give them the necessary market insight to sell their homes for the highest potential price in the shortest amount of time. Moreover, by providing sellers with exceptional global and local marketing, they attract buyers from all over the world. “Our efforts are geared toward selling properties in record time while exceeding price expectations,” they explain. “We provide clients with the resources they need to achieve their goals.”

Roberts, a Realtor with nearly 36 years of industry experience, worked as an interior designer and decorator for several years, staging homes before staging became an industry buzzword. As a result, every seller she has ever represented has benefited financially from her expertise. She knows a staged home can sell for 17% more on average than a non-staged one. “Experience is not expensive,” Roberts insists. “It’s priceless.”

For more than a decade, Castellon, who holds an MBA, has applied to her real estate career all the skills she gained as a technology and strategy consultant for Fortune 200 companies and as a brand manager overseeing billion-dollar images. She uses these skills to attract and negotiate the best deals for her clients. “I’ve always been a hard worker and loved homes and architecture,” Castellon says. “Lucky for me, I live in beautiful Miami, and everyone wants a piece of it.”

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