Charlette Seidel


Charlette S. Seidel

Managing Broker

Coldwell Banker (Coral Gables Office)


A charter member of the Master Brokers Forum and one of the top 200 Realtors in Miami-Dade County, Charlette S. Seidel is everything an expert managing broker should be: a mentor, a coach, a teacher and a resource. “I love my 200 agents and am there to help them, support them and assist in growing their business,” she says.

For four decades, Seidel has worked in real estate; she’s lived in Miami for even longer. With her experience and intimate understanding of the city’s neighborhood patchwork, it’s no surprise that within a single year Seidel successfully merged Coldwell Banker’s Coral Gables and Coconut Grove offices, while increasing sales volume. The office is thriving, and Seidel credits the hands-on approach she’s taking with her agents. “I teach our ‘New Agent Boot Camps’ to pass along all the practicalities of business I’ve picked up over my career,” she says, adding that her office also places a big focus on creative marketing approaches and getting agents more interested and involved with new technologies.

From her extensive list of accomplishments within the industry, you’d think Seidel had been in real estate all her life. Instead, she started off as a flight attendant for Pan Am, then became an instructor for flight attendants at the International Flight Attendant College before earning the position of senior instructor, which she held for six and a half years. Only after leaving to start a family did Seidel decide to pursue a field that allowed for autonomy and flexibility as well as creativity. But through every position she’s held, regardless of industry, there’s been a common thread: helping others. And that’s something her agents know about her. “My agents know I care about them,” she says. “I’m readily available at all times to help them with questions and issues they may have, and I stay in touch with them.”

Seidel’s attitude may be one of her biggest assets. “I stay positive, patient, and I understand this business and life has constant changes which need to be embraced if one is to succeed and grow,” she says.

In her spare time, Seidel enjoys traveling, reading non-fiction, supporting local arts and culture — as an audience member as well as part of the Young Patronesses of the Opera and co-chairman of the National Voice Competition — volunteering with the Coldwell Banker Cares Foundation, and of course, being with family.

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