Real Issues

Our monthly Real Issues feature is a deep-dive into the biggest issues facing the real estate industry today. Learn more about topics that go beyond the daily news reporting and explore the most important issues of the day.

Dual Agency: A tale of two markets

Can agents fairly represent both parties in a deal?

What the condo collapse means for agents, sellers and buyers in South Florida
What the condo collapse means for agents, sellers and buyers in South Florida

The Champlain Towers South collapse emergency is ongoing, and some experts say they expect condo sales, in what was a roaring condo market in Miami, to struggle from the impact. What can agents, sellers and buyers anticipate?

Opinions are not defamatory, but facts are: How to fight back against a bad online review

Taking proactive steps to deal with negative online reviews is essential for real estate agents. Here are some recommendations from the experts.

The trouble with appraisals: How the wild market is making it harder to get financing

Homebuyers lucky enough to win a bidding war for a property are increasingly running headlong into appraisals that don’t match — or even come close to — the agreed sales price, leaving them with limited ways to close the sale.

What it takes to get a first-time buyer from renter to homeowner right now

A market with limited inventory and swarms of buyers can be stressful for everybody. But it’s especially challenging for first-time homebuyers — and their agents. From Houston to Chicago, from Miami to Boston, agents are relying on creativity, hustle and candid conversations to help get their entry-level buyers over the threshold of their first home.

Is it too easy to become a real estate agent?

Low barrier to entry: It’s one of the best things about the real estate industry — and also one of the worst.

Getting started is easy; moving forward is hard, particularly for Black agents

The barrier is not so much getting into real estate — it’s staying in.

When Fannie met Freddie

If Realtors, lenders and homebuyers are the stars of the real estate show, Fannie and Freddie are the unseen producers who bankroll the production from backstage.

RPAC is always asking for money. Where do those dollars go?

As the political fundraising arm of the National Association of Realtors, RPAC solicits voluntary contributions from Realtors — more than $5 million during the 2018 election cycle. It uses those funds to help elect candidates across the political landscape who understand and support real estate interests — at all levels of government.

See every National Association of Realtors political contribution since 2018

See the list of NAR’s 2018 and 2020 political contributions.

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