Balfour Beatty Center Wins “The Outstanding Building of the Year”

The Balfour Beatty Center won the 2013 BOMA Southern Region “The Outstanding Building of the Year” Award and will advance to the international competition. TA Realty Associates’ Balfour Beatty Center in Plantation, managed by Miami-based Pointe Group Advisors, won

Building Better Referral Bridges

By Paul Martis There is no question that as Realtors our ability to gain the trust and respect of our clients and obtain their sought-after referrals is paramount to our success as real estate

Different But the Same

A look at the retail and commercial markets in South Florida By Jodi Macken With the economic climate cooler every day, you really have to work harder and smarter to survive in real estate. Yet, even the most effective

Working With Commercial Landlords

BY CARRIE KREYDICK AND JOHN-PAUL WOLFE In this current economic climate, finding a qualified tenant for a commercial landlord can be just as challenging as finding a qualified, contingency-free buyer for a residential

The Truth About Office Condos

By Alan Kleber During the last three years, South Florida’s commercial real estate market has witnessed the arrival of a relatively new occupancy alternative: the office condominium. For industry professionals, office condos are just that, a new occupancy alternative

Making the Most of a Mixed-Use Project

RECOMMENDING A SMART INVESTMENT FOR YOUR CLIENTS By Gavin Susman With such a large amount of inventory available, it can be a daunting process to sift through the choices so that you are equipped to make the best investment

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