How To Be A Top Producer in Miami: Professionalism, Smart Marketing and Time Management

by Doug Pitorak


When she finds the time, Realtor Carole Smith of EWM revisits a business tactic she used when she first started real estate 21 years ago. She’ll hop in her car for a unique type of joyride and travel from street to street in the Miami area looking for “For Sale” signs.

By doing this, Smith scopes out the local inventory and ends her trip a more informed Realtor. She might encounter quality homes that her buyer client might like to see after viewing their first option, for example. Or Smith might be strolling by the buyer’s first option itself, checking to see that it indeed fits the client’s requests. Some aspects of a home, Smith suggests, are best analyzed in-person, like its curb appeal and landscape. If she can save the buyer a trip to a house that violates a non-negotiable, then it’s just smart business.

Smith’s sign-spotting excursion is ultimately about accountability, about looking out for the client’s best interest in all stages of the buying or selling process. Such a mindset makes her a top producer, Smith says. A similar determination to serve clients extends to Realtors Tere Shelton Bernace and Katrina Campins, executives of Shelton and Stewart and Campins Co., respectively. Miami Agent spoke with all three top producers to learn what they do to be so successful.

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