Viewpoints: Lindsay Rubens, Realtor-Associate, Avatar Real Estate Services, South Miami

by Peter Thomas Ricci


Lindsay Rubens is a Realtor-Associate with Avatar Real Estate Services in South Miami.

Every week, we ask a Miami real estate professional for their thoughts on the top three stories from the week before.

This week, we talked with Lindsay Rubens, a Realtor-Associate with Avatar Real Estate Services in South Miami. A cum laude graduate of Tulane University, Lindsay received her law degree from the University of Miami School of Law, and practiced family law in Philadelphia and Miami for several years before becoming an agent. Her legal background enables her to better serve her clients in buying and selling homes and condominiums.

Miami Agent (MA): Do you see housing demand in Miami staying as high as it’s been, or will it taper off?

Lindsay Rubens (LR): I don’t think the housing demand in Miami is going anywhere anytime soon. There’s no question that Miami remains a top destination for foreign buyers. We’re still seeing an influx of international buyers from Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil, as well as Canada, Mexico, France and Italy. And thanks to the polar vortex (among other factors such as homestead, no state income tax and the continued growth of Miami as a major city and cultural hub), we’re continuing to attract buyers nationally from other states like New York.

Locally, we have plenty of buyers who want to buy, and inventory is still relatively low, which keeps demand high. Some areas are seeing a slight increase in inventory, which many people are saying is going to stabilize prices a little bit. Yet there’s no doubt that demand is still strong, and if a property is priced right, it’s going to sell fast.

MA: What social networks do you find to be the most beneficial to your business?

LR: I’ve been a big fan of social media from the start. I remember joining Facebook when it first launched! I was a junior at Tulane University and at that time it was only available to about 10 other colleges. I thought it was an incredible way to connect with my classmates, and I continue to use it today for both my personal and professional networks. It’s the fastest way to get a message out to a huge number of people.

I have also been a longtime fan of Instagram. I love photos, and I’m constantly taking pictures on my iPhone. In fact, before I was even in real estate, I told my Realtor friend about Instagram because I thought it would be such an innovative way to connect with clients and other people in the real estate industry, as well as a means of marketing properties. Today, I do just that – I share photos of everything, from my listings to unique homes I see at open houses to cool shots of Miami (especially the amazing sunsets I capture from my balcony).

MA: Finally, what trends will you be watching the closest in 2014?

LR: I live in Brickell, so I’m surrounded by the explosion of new construction. With a few of those buildings nearly complete, it will be interesting to see what happens to the Brickell rental market, which has seen incredible growth and very high demand over the last few years.

There’s also a lot of uncertainty surrounding major increases in flood insurance premiums under the National Flood Insurance Program. This could prove to be a deal-breaker for many transactions, so I will definitely be monitoring that issue.

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