22 Reasons to Use Twitter for Business and Pleasure

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By Nicole Nicolay

Recently, I was invited to take part in a top-secret Twitter mission. I received a request from JulieTweets to arrive at a red door in San Francisco by 12:30 sharp. Thanks to GPS (asking the parking attendant), I found it promptly. Anyway, once I arrived I was greeted by one cool cat and three hot babes with cupcakes. I was in for sure now. The hot babes (savvy production crew) proceeded to set me up for a video interview. Turns out I wasn’t the only top-secret Twit invited to the red door. JulieTweets informed me that Twitter is compiling video interviews of all sorts of Twits to use in an upcoming marketing campaign. I quickly let her know that I’d be fine sharing the spotlight if she hooked me up with a Twitter shirt. Gosh, imagine what I’d do for a pair of jeans!

So for those of you that are not familiar with Twitter (come out from under your rock), it’s a cross between blogging and instant messaging, also referred to as micro-blogging. Each tweet or post must be 140 characters or less. You can add more value to each tweet by including links to helpful blogs and Web sites, your wacky pictures and videos, etc. And each tweet is centered around answering the question, “What are you doing?”
o be honest, I poo-pooed Twitter for some time. I just didn’t need another social networking tool to contend with. I can admit when I’m wrong. In fact, because Twitter updates in real time I’m able to reach an audience on the spot. Besides being just fun, Twitter is a valuable safety tool as well. One student actually Twittered his way out of an Egyptian jail. You may not be visiting any foreign countries in the near future, but you can use Twitter at home to let loved ones know where you are and if any unfavorable people are bothering you. This can be helpful when meeting someone at an open house in a neighborhood that you might not know as well.

Here are 22 reasons I use Twitter, followed by my best advice.

For Business
Gain exposure for my blogs and gain potential readers
Build my network with transparency and trust
Market my work, products, services, etc.
Answer questions/ask questions
Learn new things from other industry professionals
Share tech tips and resources
Meet and talk with others, some business and some pleasure
Conference connecter — I can stay connected, share info and be social
Seek out industry colleagues for assistance
Safety — Tweet unfamiliar meeting locations and while traveling
Better understand social media
View local news and events

For Pleasure
See a new side of your friends
View/Share fitness tips and favorite motivational songs
View/Share fun pictures of yourself and others, or random things
View/Share fun links
Exchange great recipes
Tweet the wacky
It’s just plain fun and it’s free

Best Advice
Be yourself
Don’t tweet your bathroom trips unless something remarkable is happening in there, or the wallpaper totally rocks
Interact with Twits you relate to, enjoy, or can benefit you in some way — like with their amazing knowledge of the real estate industry
Follow the Twits that follow you, unless they are spammers
Don’t over-tweet. It’s annoying, seriously. I could name names, but you know who you are.
Don’t share too much. For example I don’t need to know when you’re getting a mole removed.
Provide resources or items of value
Be creative and have fun with it
Take advantage of apps for streamlining your tweets. Check out Friendfeed, Twhirl and TwitterBerry
Add a Twitter widget or bling to your blog for easy access to your tweets and to gain new twits.

Nicole Nicolay is co-founder of Effektive Solutions, a marketing and technology solutions company for real estate professionals. She has created products that integrate valuable real estate content with unparalleled technological innovation. NicoLAY enjoys writing about real estate technology on her blog MyTechOpinion.com and offers marketing solutions at MyMarketWare.com.

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