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By Teresa King Kinney, CEO, Realtor Association of Greater Miami and The Beaches

Through the years, new technology has helped real estate agents more easily achieve better business results, increased productivity and higher profits. South Florida real estate agents lead fast-paced, busy lives and require the best technological tools and resources available to efficiently close more transactions and manage their business. MongoNet “fax-to-email” system is one of those great new services.

The fax machine changed the way most agents did business. Gone are the days when contracts or other documents had to be physically delivered. With the invention of the fax machine came greater expediency. Agents could send documents immediately to buyers, sellers, attorneys and other agents without delay. Mobile telephone technology allows agents the ability to multi-task and conduct business from places other than their offices. The “office” now is wherever they choose to be.

In today’s market, scanned or electronic documents are becoming more of a necessity, appreciated or even demanded by clients. Scanned documents further facilitate the delivery of documents to all parties involved in a real estate transaction. Some companies are even needing to make expensive changes replacing copiers for copy/scanners to meet client needs.

Have you ever needed access to a document but only had a hard copy back at your office? Or maybe you store documents at different locations, because you work out of different offices. What about archiving electronic copies of client transactions; have you ever thought there must be a better way?

If you wondered about any of the above, you are probably in need of turning paper or hard copies into email or electronic files.

Announcing MongoNet
The Realtor Association of Greater Miami and the Beaches (RAMB) recently launched a new premium service exclusively available to all of its members: MongoNet. This new service, which RAMB has purchased for its members, is easy to use and delivers paper documents instantly to any email address in the world in a private and secure manner. A document delivery service, MongoNet also accelerates the speed of business transactions. It allows instant access to documents, which can be immediately delivered to clients and other parties involved in the transaction. A confirmation and archive copy are returned to the sender.

Other delivery services, such as courier, overnight and mail, are not only expensive but also time delayed. MongoNet saves up to 90 percent on courier, overnight and mail costs. Consider how much you spend on delivery costs each year for each of your transactions. This service benefits your business and saves you money. And, if you are a RAMB member, you benefit at no additional cost.

Traditional faxing produces paper copy to a public location that is not private or secure. And senders incur all long distance charges. Many times the fax cannot be transmitted properly, as receipt requires that both machines are working properly, and that the receiving equipment has sufficient paper.

You can avoid this issue by having MongoNet convert your documents to PDF and deliver them to the email addresses you determine. It also sends you an email confirmation and archive copy of your documents to forward to others and save to your computer for later access. Since you can usually access email remotely, this feature insures that you always have access to your documents even if the physical copy is at another location.

MongoNet empowers the paper sender to deliver paper to any email address, delivers critical documents instantly, privately and securely, and bypasses all telephone company charges. Users do not need any software or hardware to get started.

MongoNet also:
• Adds legal integrity over traditional faxing
• 866 number eliminates all fax related telephone company charges
• Sends documents to multiple people at no additional cost
• Automatically converts paper to Adobe PDF
• Facilitates setting up electronic files for you and your company.

How does it work?
1. Get your MongoNet Cover Sheet. RAMB members visit www.miamire.com and click on MongoNet. It will open the cover sheet with the curser in the “To” space.
2. Type the email addresses, print and fax to the 866 number along with your document(s).
3. The document will be converted to a PDF and emailed. You will also receive an email confirmation and archive copy.

Teresa King Kinney is CEO of the 13,000-member Realtor Association of Greater Miami and the Beaches

(RAMB), which includes 12,000 members in their Residential Association and over 1,000 members in their Realtors Commercial Alliance. The association also hosts the largest local International Real Estate Council in the nation, with 1,400 members. RAMB recently celebrated its 85th year of service to the industry, the public and the community.

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