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Welcome to the real estate paradox

“Welcome to the real estate paradox: we always want more, we seek differentiation, we yearn for opportunity, we need more money, but we don’t change.” — Sandesh Bilgi, Vice President of Global Learning, Sotheby’s International Realty

Build relationships and bring value with every outreach

Will the return of our ability to be “in person” give technology a new place in how we reach out and stay top of mind?

Real estate coaches agree — this is the most powerful way to build a personal brand

“Actions speak louder than words. Bringing your brand promise to life with exceptional service is the best way to create loyal fans of your business.” — Buffini & Co.

Using the right tech to get in front of more clients

“There is so much technology out there that can make you more efficient, but it’s easy to go overboard and get frustrated. Just know that you do not have to use every tool out there.” — Candy Miles-Crocker

Are you squandering the best real estate economy in decades?

We’re experiencing the greatest real estate economy in decades, if not my entire lifetime. There’s so much opportunity out there right now. But far too many agents are squandering it.

Create your own opportunities with the Think 50 Plan

“New agents who do survive for those first few years quickly learn this lesson: If you want to eat, you must know how to hunt. If you are hunting, you need to know what you are looking for.” — Coach Ella Blaine

‘Don’t stray from your vision’

“Every business starts with a vision, but leaders often make the deadly sin of straying from their business’s vision after a certain level of success.” — Ken Goodfellow

How top producers reach their goals

“Unbridled, passionate optimism is perhaps the leading principle of a top producer.” — Julie Harris, founder, Harris Real Estate Coaching

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