Survey: Millennial homeowners most burdened by debt, homeownership costs

Millennials are at the greatest risk of becoming house-rich and cash-poor as the generation is spending the highest percentage of their monthly income on homeownership costs compared to other generations, according to a new Hometap report.

What’s the state of the market for South Florida agents and brokers?

What do you see happening with housing inventory in 2022? What are the hottest neighborhoods in South Florida? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Survey: Americans are ‘chasing the sun’ to Florida and Texas

A movement sparked by the pandemic is causing Americans to pack up and relocate. As it turns out, Florida and Houston are top-ranking destinations for many people. 

It’s crystal ball time — we want to hear your predictions for 2022!

Where is the market going? What will happen with interest rates next year? Will prices continue to rise? It’s time to read the tea leaves and give your predictions for 2022!

Find out what South Florida brokers have to say about their brokerages in our new survey!

The brokerage report survey results are in! Find out what South Florida brokers like best about their brokerages — and what can be improved.

Does your brokerage offer training on selling new construction? Find out what South Florida brokers say in our new survey.

Do you have clients looking for new construction? Have you sold any new-construction homes in the last 12 months? Check out what our readers have to say in our new survey.

Realtor survey shows importance of tech in pandemic

Looking forward, 37% of the survey’s respondents expect drones to be the most-impactful technology over the next 24 months, followed by cyber security (34%), 5G (31%) and virtual reality (30%).

Is the wild market beginning to cool down? South Florida brokers are divided.

Bidding wars, oversized offers and long lines at open houses — but how long will it last? South Florida brokers give their thoughts in our newest survey.

Brand survey results headline image
Find out which tools South Florida agents are using to build their brands

Branding survey results for South Florida agents and brokers.

multiple offers bids survey
How often are you running into multiple-offer scenarios?

How often have you encountered multiple-offer scenarios in today’s market? Have you ever acted as a dual agent in any of these deals? We want to hear your thoughts in our newest survey!

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