FHA cuts mortgage insurance premium, touts expected savings for homebuyers 

Mortgage insurance premiums on loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration will drop from 0.85% to 0.55% beginning March 20. 

NAR sues DOJ after the department withdraws from antitrust settlement

The Justice Department’s original complaint against the National Association of Realtors, filed Nov. 19, 2020, alleges that the association enforced rules and policies that illegally hampered competition in residential real estate services.

U.S. Supreme Court decision makes it easier for brokers to market their business

Brokers may use their cell phones to make marketing calls and send marketing texts, if the cell phone does not have an app that will automate the dialing system.

How will the stimulus bill help real estate?

The stimulus bill includes aid for state and local governments, new homeowners, small businesses and renters.

NAR helps secure federal funds for transportation, flooding

It was a hard-fought effort to procure federal funds in the middle of a recession, but NAR announced that the president is poised to sign a bill that provides money for road projects and flooding.

NAR letter promises more support to Realtors during COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has the association working overtime to bring relief and timely updates for real estate professionals.

New Bill to Streamline Short Sales

A new bill introduced earlier this week aims to change long lender delays with short

Election 2008

THE YEAR OF THE HOMEOWNER By Steven E. Scheinberg While it may be too early to identify the slate of presidential candidates for each party, this much we know for sure: Democrats and Republicans generally disagree on how best

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