Perspectives From The MBF

Perspectives From the MBF: The Top 5 Benefits of Belonging to a Realtor Networking Group

What are the top 5 benefits of belonging to a Realtor networking group? Jeff Morr explains in our latest Perspectives from the MBF. Collaboration goes to the very heart of our real estate industry. Want to be a Realtor?

Perspectives From the MBF: Miami’s Fame Resonates Beyond Familiar Borders

I recently had the privilege of taking a 28-day trip to Africa – on safari for most of that time – experiencing the animal, cultural and gorgeous scenery of five different nations. As a Realtor selling residential property in

Perspectives from the MBF: 5 Game-Changing Web Tools That Will Make You a Better Agent…Today!

There are many technological tools available to today’s agents, but as Claudia Lewis explains, there are five that are truly game changing. The sheer quantity and variety of technology tools that are at our disposal today have revolutionized our

Perspectives from the MBF: Defined Neighborhoods – The Next Step in Miami’s Extraordinary Evolution

Miami has undergone a dramatic evolution in recent decades, but what will bring about the next change? Alicia Cervera Lamadrid explains. From my childhood, I remember Miami as one big, loosely-defined neighborhood. Essentially, there were four primary areas where

Perspectives From the MBF: The Two Sexy Words Every Miami Realtor Should Be Using

Master Brokers Forum Board Member Christopher Zoller shares the two words that all Miami Realtors should be using in their business. Like every busy and experienced real estate pro in Miami, I have an arsenal of buzzwords I use

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