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Guess What? When it Comes to Real Estate Agents, You Don’t Control Your Brand

By Anne Hartnett In a world of expensive advertising campaigns, carefully crafted mission statements and cause marketing, it might be hard for an agent to face the truth – your brand identity, and what you stand for, is no

Don’t Know Much About History – Miami Beach and the Housing Market

Too many realtors in South Florida today have their roots so firmly implanted in the South American ground that they fail to recognize what it is they are selling and how it came to be. Any good salesperson has

Condo Utopia on Brickell Avenue

What is it about Brickell Ave. in Miami that makes real estate developers and investors foam at the mouth? Every time something new pops up in the form of a high rise, buyers worldwide get excited and flock to

How Do You Define a Recovery? With Traditional Buyers

What constitutes a real estate/economic recovery? If it is simply rising numbers in housing starts and sales, for instance, then are we really in recovery mode like some experts may expect us to believe, or are the numbers clouded

Is the Landlord Life for You? Tips, Tricks and Finding the Right Market

(Part Two of an analysis of renting opportunities in Miami. Part One can be read here.) One thing I like about South Florida is the fact that even the dingiest of rentals still get good rental income. The market

Is the Landlord Life for You? Concepts, Tax Benefits and Maintenance

(Part one of an analysis of renting opportunities in Miami) When you are so caught up in making a quick buck, flipping always seems like the easiest route. These days, however, it’s not so easy. Flips are taking much

How Better Writing Gets You Better Treatment

Today’s guest contributor is professional writer, blogger and digital entrepreneur, Men With Pens‘ James Chartrand. The following article was originally published on

How To Fix Housing With International Business

There has been a lot of talk over the last five years about how to fix the housing market, and in particular South Florida’s. The president has tried just about everything and nothing has worked. Outside of downtown area

Resurgent Downtown Offers Miami Realtors Big Opportunity

The South Florida real estate market has taken a turn for the worse since its collapse in 2006. The inventory consists of an overwhelming majority of short sales and foreclosures that by now only investors are interested in. And

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