How the Okan Group builds through sales slumps and uncertainty

Miami’s real estate market, especially its inventory of upscale condominiums, continues to attract interest from all around the world. The Latin American community has always been well represented here, but some of the newest and biggest names in the

The real estate sign — now redesigned with modern tech

Traditionally, “for sale” signs have been the most visible indicator that a home is on the market. But as the real estate industry continues to use technology to improve productivity in the digital age, some view the “for sale”

Smart home technology is the new standard

In today’s digital age, novel inventions that once seemed like an unrealistic dream such as self-driving cars and virtual reality have become an integral part of everyday life. Just as Tesla is revolutionizing the automobile industry, smart homes are

Survey: Agents talk real estate technology

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Why real estate agents play a central role in stopping cyber attacks

The famous criminal Willie Sutton was once asked why he robbed banks, and his response was simple, eloquent and humorous: “Because that’s where the money is.” In today’s digital age where financial transactions are easily conducted online via email

How the luxury market is shifting across the country

Millennials have begun to monopolize the home-owning population, and as a result, cities across the country are transforming into some of the hottest luxury markets for the first time. The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing just released their latest

Survey: What do agents experience when selling a luxury home?

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The dos and don’ts of staging a luxury home

No matter what price range your home is in, vacant homes should be properly staged in order to cater to the price point, target market and style of the home. Krisztina Bell, a professional home stager with No Vacancy

Analysis of mortgage denials in Miami reveals racial ‘continued disparities’

As the United States marks the 50th anniversary this month of the passage of the Fair Housing Act, reports reveal that racial inequalities still nag the real estate industry. A recent Zillow analysis of data made available by the

Survey: Agents share their experiences with housing discrimination

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