Real Estate Policies

Financial relief available for Florida landlords, renters impacted by COVID-19

The program requires proof of identity and financial information. Landlords are advised to work with tenants to secure the required information.

The 1031 like-kind exchange is a key tool for investing in diverse and inclusive communities

It is the ultimate equal opportunity tax code provision because it provides an efficient and effective means for individuals to grow their wealth.

HUD Sec. Fudge: ‘We will enforce U.S. Fair Housing Act’

Housing secretary reaffirms U.S. commitment to closing the racial homeownership gap at a forum with NAR president and top housing officials.

NAR: ‘Don’t panic, keep contracting’

The National Association of Realtors sends a message to members that it is working to ensure that the proposed Protecting the Right to Organize Act will not hurt their status as independent contractors.

Ending 1031s hurts land conservation, farmers

The land conservation and farming communities need to come together and let Congress know how vital the like-kind exchange is to the future of our land and that it must continue.

How will the stimulus bill help real estate?

The stimulus bill includes aid for state and local governments, new homeowners, small businesses and renters.

U.S. House passes Equality Act to prohibit housing discrimination

The House of Representatives has approved the Equality Act, which establishes legal safeguards to prevent discrimination in housing based on sexual orientation.

Builder associations oppose carried interest tax reform

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) opposes the change because it would raise taxes on the multifamily housing industry and on real estate investment partnerships.

Biden moves to reverse Trump housing policy

The order directs the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to reexamine Trump Administration changes to Obama-era fair housing rules.

DACA members now eligible for FHA loans

CBC Mortgage Agency, a nationally chartered finance agency, applauded the decision, noting in a press release that 85% of individuals in the DACA program are Hispanic and account for over a third of CBCMA borrowers.

NAR board OKs hate speech rule

Realtors who use harassing or hate speech could face fines by the National Association of Realtors, according to a proposal approved by the NAR Board of Directors at its 2020 Realtors Conference & Expo.

5 ways NAR is advocating for members in 2021

The National Association of Realtors announced a list of priorities its Business Issues Policy Committee will focus on next year.

CDC imposes eviction moratorium through 2020

Real estate industry associations oppose the decision and are calling on Congress to provide rental assistance to housing providers.

Most real estate pros disagree with ‘master bedroom’ name change

In a survey sent to the more than 100,000 readers of Agent Publishing’s magazines, agents and brokers sounded off about a change that some real estate companies and associations are making, as well as other moves that might make the industry more inclusive.

Recovering rent amid the COVID-19 crisis

While landlords might be tempted to turn to collection agencies to try to recoup rent owed by delinquent tenants after the financial hardships caused by the coronavirus-related shutdowns, that might not be the best course of action. Find out why.

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