Quentin Viac

CEO and Founder
Viac Luxury Real Estate

Quentic Viac has fostered a team of real estate agents who are eager to learn and happy to serve. As the CEO and founder of Viac Luxury Real Estate, which has offices in Florida and Michigan, Viac supports both teams and their respective clients, sharing the knowledge he’s acquired through years of training to ensure that every investor, buyer and seller within South Florida and Detroit is satisfied with the end result.

“In order to grow my business and push my agents to grow, I followed sales, real estate and personal development training and taught my team everything I could,” he says. “I am starting to see the benefits now and even experienced real estate agents were able to have a real breakthrough.”

With a company comprised of new and experienced agents, Viac maintains a supportive environment where everything from rehab to property management is done in-house.

Viac is playing an active role in the expansion of his Detroit business, visiting the office every other week, investing time and money into the team’s success by onboarding the right employees, and finding the best houses.

“We have come a long way,” he says. “We started with three houses, and now we have over 100 and are still growing. It was very challenging, but I never stopped believing in it.”

Viac’s Miami office is equal parts real estate agency and art gallery, showcasing pieces from a gallery in Milan. It was also the first real estate company to get a booth at the Miami Yacht Show, where the team demonstrated a virtual reality tour developed in conjunction with the architect of Missoni Baia.

Viac is a member of the Miami Association of Realtors and the French-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida. He supports the Jessica June Child Cancer Foundation and LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

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