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Wells Fargo Revamps Marketing to Hispanic Borrowers

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has created a new joint venture to market home loans to Hispanic borrowers, which will employ bilingual loan consultants and provide “a culturally sensitive home financing experience tailored to their needs,” the company says. The

Manhattan Real Estate Marches On

Never say ‘die’ when it comes to New York real estate. He is definitely putting his money where his mouth is…lots of it. Silverstein is paying $8 billion to rebuild office space at the World Trade Center site, and

DOJ Details Plans in Lawsuit Against Realtors

If the antitrust lawsuit filed by the U.S. Justice Department against the National Association of Realtors (NAR) proceeds to trial, the United States plans to call the Realtor association’s general counsel, ZipRealty’s CFO, the former president and CEO for

How to Sell a Megamillion-Dollar Listing

Frank McKinney is building the most expensive spec house in the United States. Will he sell his house for more than the Trump estate? McKinney, sometimes called a modern day Robin Hood due to his philanthropy, claims that he

High Touch Versus High Tech

Newcomer, veteran debate the future role of Realtors Some common labels land on various breeds of real estate companies, such as “discount” or “traditional,” that seem to stick even though they don’t quite fit, said panelists recently during a

Performing a DNA Analysis

By Dirk Zeller Based on your qualifying efforts, determine the likelihood that your prospect will convert into a good client for your business by conducting a “DNA” analysis. This involves measuring the prospect’s level of desire, need to take

Why Assistants Make Sense

By Steve Mayo If Realtor Valeria Lugo’s left hand wants to keep up with her right, it has a pretty tough act to follow. After a year on the job as Lugo’s assistant, Elvia Arquez appears to have a

Three Characteristics of Top Sales Producers

By Dirk Zeller Being a successful producer in any aspect of life is more than having high production. Production or money or wealth is only one measuring stick. There are many other measures in life: family life, relationships, spouse,


By Dirk Zeller There are strategic ways to being great at prospecting, and I have separated the tactics into seven steps. 1 Find We have to find a quiet place with minimum distractions to do the prospecting. We need

Social Networking Reaches Real Estate

Online communities give voice to their members The infamous “80-20” rule of real estate – the notion that 20 percent of Realtors do 80 percent of the business – works similarly in the case of online com- munities, said

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