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Dealing with Time-consuming Fires

By Dirk Zeller Time-consuming fires are the hot issues that result from the emotional turmoil involved in many real estate transactions. Sometimes they require calm and caution. Other times, you need to put on a fireman’s hat and start

Current Market Presents New Safety Risks

Today’s tumultuous housing market can be a dangerous place for the brokers, agents and field inspectors who must walk into foreclosed and REO properties on a daily basis. Occupied or vacant, these properties represent unfamiliar territory often rife with

Cures for Eight Common Small Agency Ailments

By Steve Adams Ask most people what they like about working with smaller real estate firms and you’ll hear answers such as “their personal approach” or “I’m not just a customer number to them” or “I get to work

Communicate with LASER Accuracy!

By Sam Palazzolo Communication skills are at the crosshairs of success. Whether your communication is done verbally or virtually, your ability to do it effectively, and with influence, will determine your success or failure. Research shows that 80 percent

Become Unreasonable to Get More Business in Today’s Market

BY BRIAN HILLIARD Let’s face it: It’s tough out there. Gas prices are going up, the economy is going down, and it’s becoming harder and harder to find clients who are seriously thinking about buying a home. But before

Smith Named 2008 Realtor of the Year

Realtor Carole Smith of Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell (EWM) was recently honored among the BEST in the South Florida Building Industry and named 2008 Realtor of the Year, a distinction which she also received in 2006. The BEST awards competition is recognized

Six Keys to International Success

By Christian Kawas Today, many buyers are more open to hearing about overseas investments, rather than only hearing about what the U.S. has to offer. One reason for this is that domestically, potential investors are oversaturated with options and

Silver Linings in a Tough Market

PART I By Walter Sanford I love this market! My last market as a top agent was the Southern California real estate depression of 1990 through 1996. It made me rich and set my family up for generations. Let

Selling to the Foreign Market

BY MICHAEL LERNER My business is U.S. real estate, so the recent reports of solid earnings by U.S. corporations with substantial international revenues, like IBM, Google and Coca-Cola, would not seem to apply. But, in fact, the foreign sector

Personal Branding: More Than the Brands You Wear

By Brenda Bence When you hear the words personal branding, do you think, “That’s for people who are into how they dress,” or “That’s for people who are into self-promotion?” Unfortunately, those are just two of the myths that

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